Air Pistol - Other

BEEMAN 2004E NEW 1.77
( 1215DDF )

The Beeman 2004E is a Single Stroke Pneumatic Pistol Making it Super accurate having virtually no recoil. A popular Target pistol for not a lot of money. RRP £89.99 Our price £75  


GAMO AF-10 1.77 NEW
( GAMO AF-10 )

Nice compact single stroke pneumatic so very accurate.


GAMO PR-45 1.77 NEW
( GAMO PR-45 )

Very accurate gun ideal for target shooting, comes with hard case and pellets.


( GAMO353462 )

Single stroke pneumatic so almost no recoil making this gun very accurate. A great target pistol with adjustable match grip (also available in left handed)


( ART2233 )

This PCP air pistol from Artemis is a full power PCP air pistol designed for target shooting or short to medium range vermin control. The pistol itself is made with a real wood grip that has been texture for a secure hold and a great balance of strength and lightness. The pistol has a 9 shot magazine that automatically indexes with each bolt pull. The pistol has a high muzzle velocity and...


FAS 6004 1.77 NEW
( FAS6004BN )

Popular Single stroke Pneumatic Target Pistol.